Climate-Psychology – Overview

Crisis? What Crisis? Cover of the fourth album of Supertramp, 1975

On these pages you will find:

  • A call to doctors and psychotherapists in Germany. We all are and will be affected by the climate crisis. “Deutsches Ärzteblatt” describes some of the specific problems that will come to us from a somatological as well as psychological point of view.
  • An Essay on How psychic defense can paralyze us
  • An article on the question of whether fear brings us to action. Researchers come to different conclusions: fear can paralyze, but under certain conditions can also motivate action. Georg Marshall and others believe that we need a new narrative and a psychology of climate change.
  • Another article is dedicated to the relationship between the climate crisis and violence. Lise Van Susteren, a forensic psychologist specializing in climate psychology, says, “We regress when we are scared.” This can also lead to more and more people turning to “strong” leaders with extremist views. In this respect, there is a direct correlation between the climate crisis, natural disasters and the increase of racism and violence in society.
  • Facing climate crisis – what can we do instead of fend off? gives concrete examples of the possible defense and tries to show how we can deal with what climate psychologists call “environmental melancholia”, “pre-traumatic stress syndrome” or “eco-anxiety”.
  • and A closer look to America reveals specific problems that arise there, as well as examples of interdisciplinary research, model projects, and therapeutic positions as outlined in a handbook by the American Psychological Society (APA). As always with the links to the original texts.