“Climate skeptics” – arguments from an economic point of view

It´s the uncertainty that should get us to action „Climate skeptics can always suggest that there’s uncertainty, says Andrew Winston. Well, no kidding. Science is never 100 percent certain about anything. More specifically, we can’t know precisely how rising carbon dioxide levels will play out in terms of temperature increases, or the exact effects of those increases […]

It’s not about Greta Thunberg. It’s about all of us

This article can also be found on klimafakten.de. It is an answer to Darrick Evensens guest contribution on klimafakten.de. To his article “FridaysForFuture: The right goals, but wrong words” I would like to answer with three basic thoughts: It’s not about Greta Thunberg or Fridays for Future. It’s about all of us To show something […]