The defining issue of our lifetimes …

“Climate crisis,” The Guardian said in summer 2019, “isn´t just another story. It is the defining issue of our lifetimes … “

Another “C” has now been added. Corona is forcing us to change our lives to an extent that we would not have thought possible until recently.

The history of our time, the Guardian wrote, must be told in such a way that it no longer meets our understandable but problematic desire for denial and distraction. So that it does not stir up fear, but gives hope. So that it does not play and split individual population groups against each other, but takes everyone on board. This story should be about the possible, about solidarity and concrete goals that we can achieve together.

As doctors, therapists and authors, we would like to collect texts, articles, valuable links and guest contributions from a professional and personal perspective on Corona, the climate crisis, environmental problems and the challenges of our time.

We need knowledge from a wide range of disciplines, including psychology and communication science. We need journalism that reports in a new and different way. We need the commitment of everyone and an attitude that is as cooperative, constructive and creative as possible.

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The site is, in line with the situation, constantly under revision. Work in progress. We ask for leniency. And: We are not native speakers, so if we write anything weird or linguistically wrong, please help us with a better translation.

Simone Regina Adams

Dr. Josef Rabenbauer